Great Vic, day one

  • Sumo

This is a quick, on-the-road effort at blogging from my first time doing the Great Victorian Bike Ride.

It’s an annual event. In 2013, the route is from Lakes Entrance to Phillip Island.

I might make a comment about each day (we’ll see how the dedication goes – & the battery on the phone). Maybe include a picture or two. And the progressive odometer readings for me, Miss Ruth & Master Nahum.

So, the pre-ride starting points.
Me: 22 068km.
Ruth: 3081km.
Nahum: 3626.4km.

Day one was from Lakes Entrance to Bruthen, a gentle introduction to the event.

It was quite a hot day. We saw a few people suffering on the occasional uphill, especially out of Metung.

We all three knew that day one would be ok. It’s a matter of how well we rest and back up for multiple days.

Two noteworthy moments from today. First, riding a ridge before the drop to the water at Metung, we had an eagle close beside us at eye level. Spectacular.

Second, dropping down through a double hairpin, Ruth had some excitement: a little lock-up under breaking. She saved it!

Odometer readings.
Me: 22 117km.
Ruth: 3128km.
Nahum: 3673.0km.

A photo from lunch by the water…