Attacking belief – introduction

  • Sumo

Any ‘truth’ that can be announced can also be attacked. And that’s a wonderful thing.

The truth may be political, scientific, social, or religious. If true – as its proponents would claim – it’s not fair to keep it a secret. It must go public. As soon as it does so, reactions will follow.

I consider that attacks for any belief will – imperfectly – match the message of that belief. There will be some correspondence between push and push back.

For example:
Push: The Leeches are the best team ever to play swarfball!
Push back: No team has won more swarfs than the Earwigs!

The initial claim elicits a related reaction.

Since I think this pattern is true for claims about God, I’m going to blog a little about attacks on belief. I’m not going to do extensive research, with footnotes and all. It will be mostly impressions and my generalisations. I’ll be asking myself, ‘What do people at large think about Christianity/Islam/etc?’

But before that, what do you think of the basic logic, that message and attack are somewhat related? If that’s off-beam, perhaps the following posts won’t be required!