Changes to Assen

  • Sumo

This is a fascinating blog post. Strictly, it’s a book review. But I am not going to read the original book because I can’t read Dutch!

The book records some of the changes in the town of Assen, in the Netherlands. (That explains the Dutch.) The fascinating thing is considering how a small town has changed gradually but intentionally. The town centre now allows much better pedestrian and cycling transport. It seems that the book is full of pictures, of the THEN and NOW kind. I’ve copied one example below.

1960s v 2007

One thing that surprised me is the size of Assen. In 1955, the population was about 25,000. In 2007 it was 65,000. In other words, this kind of transformation is possible in a town like Albury. With good planning, and time, a better city transport situation can happen.