Great Vic, day two

  • Sumo

Today’s ride was from Bruthen to Briagolong, the first day with a longer road to ride.
On the road

Semi-random thoughts
# some enjoyable undulations to start the day
# longest ever single day ride for Nahum & Ruth
# a ride like this is not about speed (haven’t used big chainring once yet), but about keeping our group together
# it’s kind of unfair that I roll downhill so much faster than my kids
# people who ride, but don’t look like they train, really die on the inclines
# an understorey of ferns: we’re not inland now
# there really are heaps of types of rider, & types of bike
# beautiful tree-lined roads of dappled light (see photo)
# Briagolong’s welcome to the ride was very welcoming
# long lines for showers, short lines for laundry & washing dishes
# I’m poor at hand-washing clothes (at least I’m there)

Progress distances.
Me: 22 209km.
Son: 3764.7km.
Daughter: 3219km.