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There’s this shop, see, called Rebus.

We know what a rebus is, of course. But here are a couple of definitions.

Wikipedia. A rebus (Latin: “by things”) is a kind of word puzzle that uses pictures to represent words or parts of words

Something called ‘wordnet‘. rebus (a puzzle where you decode a message consisting of pictures representing syllables and words)

Key idea: pictures. It’s visual. It’s not words. Clear?

Back to that shop, the one called Rebus. Here’s the advertising A-frame.

Did you notice the absence of pictures? The over abundance of words? Yeah, so did I. Perhaps the whole thing is supposed to be ironic. Or, um, or … No, sorry, I can’t think of an alternative.

Red letter

Does red writing emphasise what you want to emphasise? Not always.

Uh oh!

That’s another reason not to like red letter Bibles.

Thanks Lavington Panthers. (Faded red paint signs are not permitted.)

New business slogan

Apologies – this image is very poor (lousy camera phone and lousy photographer!). But I hope you can still read the words.

I was at a bakery, and spied two professionally-made A-frames hiding in a corner. What would you spend good money on for your business? Would it be signs that earn you nothing, because they say ‘Please don’t come in’?

Education is the future

I need another post for the year. I was going to answer a question someone asked about Christmas and Christians and Santa Claus. Maybe another time. Instead, another look at a sign with obvious error.

In Albury, there’s a campus of Charles Sturt University. Podiatry is a local course, and they run a low-fee clinic as part of the training. Good idea!

Someone got nicely printed signs to show that the disabled parking spots can be used by clinic patients. They should have found a proof reader.

I believe the word you want is excepted – there’s a rule about parking, and it has an exception.

Pity I missed this

I was at a mechanic’s last Friday getting car rego. While pottering about waiting for the final check, I saw this in the window:

The type of sticker took me back! Can you see the instructions (top left)? Moisten this side to adhere. I remember putting stickers like this on my bedroom windows in the 70s, or on dad’s car windows. They were mainly for footy teams, if I remember correctly.

I wonder if this has been the same mechanic business the whole time since 1971, or if the workshop has been a whole string of different businesses. The current business is ‘Roundabout motors’, with no roundabout in sight.

It’s a sign

Snapshot taken at Ephesus. I didn’t need the loo, but loved the image & words. Two minutes later I ignored the ‘Genuine Fake Watches’ sign – there was simply no competition.

I wonder how magic the atmosphere was.