English as Hebrew

  • Sumo

Mattea is learning to spell and write. Catherine pointed out to me that, like the others before her, her natural approach was to leave out vowels when writing. Here are some examples, with the added bonus of her drawings.

I don’t know what the animal is. The numbers are a mystery, too.

Notice the word t b h.
This spells ‘timber.’

The writing is the name of the girl.

Can you read r e r s b s s s?
That spells ‘Rosebush.’

While you may be wondering what kind of girl has the name Rosebush, I’m wondering about children writing like Hebrew – where it’s all consonants. (Vowels are only for non-Hebrew speakers. Native speakers don’t need them.) Weird, hey? Or maybe not. Any educationalist or linguists out there able to offer comment that’s actually informed?