Not in Australia

  • Sumo

I like cryptic crosswords.

There, I’ve admitted it!

The local Fairfax papers (Sydney Morning Herald, The Age) used to put their daily crossword on-line, but stopped. So I had to search out another morning-coffee-time diversion.

Here’s a clue from an English crossword – I don’t believe it ever would appear in an Australian one:

*One chats about the end of the world (8)*

The answer, of course: ESCHATON. (It’s an anagram – ‘one chats’ about – and ‘the end of the world’ is what it means.)

In theology, the eschaton is the last time. It’s very important in Christian thinking. It’s the future that Jesus’ resurrection from the dead both guarantees and demonstrates. And I suggest that Australia is so denuded of Christian thought that this would be a clue our setters would not even consider using.

(Full referencing:source is Guardian cryptic #25,043.)