Preparing for Sunday I

  • Sumo

Being a church-employed minister, my weeks usually feel tidal.

That is, while many things take place I am always aware that I’m heading towards Sunday. The mere administration is a part: bulletin, prayer points, any special events or requests. More important by far is the teaching of God’s word: spending time in the text and striving to prepare a message that’s both humble before God yet bold in speaking.

Then, once Sunday is over, there’s a brief feeling like an exhalation, like the tide receding. ‘Done for this week.’ Before the cycle starts again.

In truth, I am in an immensely helpful position: my work life is built around a priority of engaging with God in the midst of his people (also known as church). And because I ‘have to’ get ready, I think I am the one who benefits most.

What, then, of Christians who have a different rhythm? Alternative tides are all around: the Monday-Friday work week; the school week/term/year (for students and parents); the body-clock confusion of shift-work; regular medical treatments or appointments; involvement in sport or other clubs.

To stop me being so selfish and keeping the best benefits for myself, I am going to blog a series on preparing for Sunday. It’s not the Sunday that’s important – it’s the preparing.

My aim is: to help people approach church attendance in a manner that is truly good for them and for that church. Let’s see how it goes!