Road safety & Christian ministry

  • Sumo

There’s a whole lot of road work – or under-road work – near my house right now. They seem to be replacing pipes along about three kilometers of road.

This means there are men and women allocated to hold the STOP or SLOW sign. There can be up to four groups at once: two on the main north-south road, and as many as required on the feeder roads east and west.

In my judgemental eyes, their job looks boring. Wait for vehicle – radio the other traffic management crews – wait to indicate it’s safe to proceed – repeat.

In reality, their job is essential for safety. Hills on the roads obscure oncoming traffic, and no one can see around corners. Since the roads are reduced to one lane, there’s the potential for spectacular ‘meetings’.

This morning it hit me that these people are like all who do Christian ministry. We point to Jesus and pray for people. And we keep doing this. We do this for Christian, or for those who don’t believe. It’s the same role when we care for five year old, and when we delve into the deepest most tangled human relationship disaster.

It’s always the gospel of Jesus. It’s always a prayerful call for God to work.

It’s tempting to say this is boring. In reality, it’s essential for life.

So, if you are in any kind of ministry, press on! Since God’s word will do its work, the ministry is worthwhile.