Science & the gospel: intro

  • Sumo

For a while now I’ve had an idea to use this blog ponder the relation between science and the gospel of Jesus.

I’m not one who thinks that ‘science and religion are totally separate spheres’ (Stephen Jay Gould’s NOMA, or non-overlapping magisteria). Nor do I think one is completely swallowed up in the other (it’s not that theology alone sets every scientific question, nor that science encompasses and ‘explains’ belief).

Rather, science and theology have a complex interaction. There are some overlapping areas of concern, some unique fields in each discipline, and plenty of mutual influence. (To read much more about this, I recommend the work of John Hedley Brooke.)

In this little series, I want to ponder one specific interaction: how faith in Christ transforms our view of science.

This is the method I decided upon. I will take a Christian tract and explanation of the gospel that I am familiar with, and use each of its main points as the departure place for a few reflections. I am very familiar with Two Ways To Live (TWTL), and so will use this. I envision six blog posts (apart from this intro), one for each image/page of TWTL.

Update: here are the links to each post, added once they are complete and published.
Creation and science
Sin and science
Judgement and science
Jesus the saviour and science
The resurrection of Jesus and science
Repentance and faith and science



  • This is an intriguing idea, Chris. I look forward to it.

  • Pastor Blaze, I am very excited wevneehr I get on this webiste. It has blessed me so much that i can’t get my eyes off of it. God has used this ministry to change my life. I used to smoke, commit furnication and do all kinds of things, but looking at my parents as a commited member of their church and the kind of emotional abuse that goes on in their marriage, i decided not to go to church with them because i see them as hypocrites. pardon me for the long note, but to round it up, when I go to this website, it encourages me and blesses my heart so much that I don’t want to leave that way anymore. Please pray that God will change my dad from abusing my mother. God bless you and Please keep up the good work.