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Passionate commitment

In Albury-Wodonga, the weekly free newspapers used to include a column of reflections. They were written by local  ministers, or similar (authors included a local Baha’i leader, as well as someone from the local humanist society branch). I don’t know why they stopped. Equally, I don’t know if they achieved anything!

Cleaning up my computer, I found a few of mine. In the interests of recycling, I will re-release them on this blog.

Have do you describe a good argument? How about a worthless argument?

Watching the new freeway opening made me ask these questions. I think they’re good questions to ask! Let me explain why.

It’s been fascinating watching the new freeway take shape, and now begin to flow. One thing the border can never forget is the range of opinions people had. And still have!

We saw this in the Border Mail history of the freeway. The television news pictures from the last decade were just as informative. A number of Albury-Wodonga houses still have signs demanding where the road should go. During construction there was the odd bit of graffiti protesting developments.

What most struck me about the early debates is how passionate people were. Arguments were fiery. Opinions strong. Emotions high. A number of folk had a lot of their life invested in these decisions.

Now, roads are useful. But there are more important matters.

Likewise, commitment is great. But the best commitment is commitment to the best causes.

Easter gives us a hint about the best commitment, the best argument, and the best passion.

The best model of passion is the man who went through the Passion, Jesus Christ. His passion – his suffering, in other words – was the perfect expression of love. Jesus’ love for people proved his great love for God’s ways.

What they said at the time was right, ‘zeal consumed him.’ Jesus’ zeal to do good and bring forgiveness cost his life. That’s why so many people not only remember Jesus’ death but also commit to following him in every area of life.

So what arguments will you get involved in this week? I hope they’re about lasting matters: life, forgiveness, love, truth, … Perhaps even about whether you can follow Jesus as we approach Easter.
March 2007