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Hairy versus baldy

Here’s something that I probably won’t mention this coming Sunday. But I don’t want to lose the idea …

In Numbers 6 we find the description of the Nazirite: a non-priestly man or woman who can, with special vow and behaviour, take on the holiness that looks very like the Hebrew high priest. And she/he cannot cut any body hair until the vow is complete. In fact, the hair becomes an offering.

Numbers 6:8 esv
And the Nazirite shall shave his consecrated head at the entrance of the tent of meeting and shall take the hair from his consecrated head and put it on the fire that is under the sacrifice of the peace offering.

In Numbers 16 (Sunday’s passage) there’s a rebellion against God’s appointed leaders. Korah – not a priest – wants to become like a priest (16:10). He claims that all the people are holy (16:3). And Korah is significantly wrong.

Korah means … baldness. He’s the opposite of a Nazirite in more ways than one!