Genesis 49:1-12. A terribly rough translation

  • Sumo

* Terrible because my Hebrew is so poor, and this passage has some tricky words too.
Only 12 verses because that was the Bible reading for the upcoming Sunday.*

Jacob called his sons.
He said, “Gather, I will tell you that which will occur for you in later days.”

“Gather, listen, sons of Jacob.
Hear Israel your father.
Reuben my firstborn,
you are my strength and the first of my power.
High in dignity and high in might.
Reckless like water, you do not remain,
for you went up to the couch of your father.
The you polluted my bed! He went up.
Simeon and Levi, brothers – tools of violence their weapons.
Into their counsel my soul will not go. Into their assembly my glory will not join,
for by their rage they killed man, and in their pleasure hamstrung oxen.
Cursed is their anger for strength, and their fury for it is harsh.
I divide them in Jacob and scatter them in Israel.
Judah, it’s you your brothers praise.
Your hand on the neck of your enemies, the sons of your father bow to you.
Cub of a lion is Judah. From prey, my son, you rise.
He bowed, he lay like lion and like lioness. Who will cause you to rise?
Sceptre will not depart from Judah, or decree from between his feet,
until the coming of Shiloh, and to him the obedience of peoples.
Bound to a vine is his city, and to choice grapes his donkey colt.
He will wash in wine his garment, and in the blood of grapes his clothing.
Your darkness of eye like wine, and of tooth whiter than milk.”