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Nano story

Write Around the Murray is an annual festival in Albury. With writers. And writing competitions.

One competition – excellent in particular for schools – is the Nano Story. Fifty words, exactly, and including a theme word. The 2016 word: forget (or a version of it: forgets, forgot, …).

I entered. I tried something tricky, which didn’t really work. Can you spot it?

“Remember”, you said, “Always.”
We lie in a little, create moments.
“Promise lasting joy with me no matter what. Forget dreams – others exclude.”
“I will.”
“Won’t you accept our word: memory fails that mind – yes, you.”
Bereft. Sadness. Temporary denial.
Time destroys. Immense the truth they never heard, “I forget.”

My hint if you’re interested – you could perhaps call this story tidal.

What Solomon prayed

Promise to David, for God to say
Proves him gracious. But what power to keep?
No glory or craft of this house today
Loud enough cries Our Faithful Does Not Sleep.
No house can contain you, no heaven hold,
Fool is the man who says, ‘Our God’s within.’
We fear the blight that shows faithfulness spent
But priest, house and king tell us to be bold,
You give the go-between for all who sin.
So give us the prayers, the words to repent.
If the day shows that in evil we’re set,
Turn, turn us to you. Turn, turn us to live.
For there is no one who does not sin, yet
There is one to change hearts: hear, and forgive.

14 March 2014 AD. After sermon on 1 King 8:22-53