Especially always

  • Sumo

N plus one. First to have a go. My man.
Thrown in air to land where? Wish I was there.

R 2 child two, you. Too tasty for me.
Hugs and music all round. Cha lizard girl.

M for middle, where you’ll always be found.
I have a question. And The Answer, too.

E the star. Stage, pit and song. Tic, tic, boom.
Firm friend. Wry eye. Quick quip. Calm care. Adamant.

J given we’re full. Taking it all in.
All options. Go well with your discipline.

It is my job to be superfluous.
Supernumerary ever-present.
Not proud – you’re not my pet. Prepare you yet.
My deep waters run still. Still me, still you.