• Sumo

Do you wish you could read more books? Or read with more discipline? I have that feeling, often. Usually when I see the growing pile of ‘yet to read’ publications next to my desk!

There are many ways to help, I am sure. Here’s one thing I’m doing. And the reason I’m blogging it is to put it one record somewhere (somewhere tiny & insignificant in the vast sea of internettedness, it must be said). I’ve got a Facebook account, and use the ‘Visual Bookshelf’ application. It might not be the best one, easiest to navigate, or most beautiful. But that’s irrelevant. I don’t list all books I have ever read. I don’t list books I use, even if I read a couple of hundred pages. I’m only listing books I read right through, or intend to read right through.

So, if there’s a book I am ‘currently reading’ it’s one I hope to finish. Books are easy to start, harder to finish! There are six there right now – and I don’t promise not to start more before I end any of these. The intention is simple. Let’s see if it helps.