Sports words

  • Sumo

A second post in one day. I felt the need for something less frustrating, more funny.

I was reading a description of a professional bike (here it is) – it’s unlike any bike I will ever ride. It’s a new model, with secret blah blah blah. You know, technical stuff that makes a difference of 0.1%. Fine for professionals, fine for me to look at pictures, but the team/manufacturer go all secretive about the development.

And I read this:

Trek [manufacturer] and Astana [cycling] team staff would not permit close photos of the frame, as it is likely to change going forward.

So here’s a bike frame that, when going forward, changes? Into what? Perhaps a species of frog, or roast vegetables. I wish the journo read the piece before, to avoid such a crazy unintended joke.

Reminds me of one of cycling’s bigger drug scandals in recent years. Operation Puerto blew up just prior to the 2006 Tour de France. The best response I heard, from more than one cyclist and commentator: yes it’s unfortunate, but we must all stay positive.