Sharing the workload

  • Sumo

Co-operation is good, true?

Depends, really. We can’t co-operate with a completed work (“Hey mum, now I’m grown up let me help you give birth to me”). Nor can we co-operate with a gift (“What a generous present, I’ll have to pay you for it”).

Of course, God’s work for us to be his children is complete (John 19:30). And it’s a gift, grace alone (Romans 11:6). So offering to ‘co-operate with God’ in salvation is not faith, it is faithlessness.

If we add our efforts to God’s work, we dishonour God – as if his work was not sufficient, and we displace God – we put our efforts in the place of his power.

I think this applies also to God’s revelation, his speaking. I heard this comment from some minister (name forgotten):

Without faith this [Bible] is just a written word. But with faith it becomes a living word.

So my faith brings God’s word to life? It’s the Spirit of God that makes the word living – that’s ‘inspiration’. I’m nervous about trying to take the place of God’s Spirit!

The way to read the Bible is not for me to help God stop lisping, but to reverently trust the true and living word of his gift.