Perfect driving

  • Sumo

To Mr Driver of Hurst Earthmoving (I think that was the company) – thank you.

I was out riding Table Top Road. Heaps of cyclists use it, not much shoulder yet not much traffic.

I heard a gentle and friendly toot-toot. Looking around, it’s a truck and dog (a bit like this). Going at a good pace, but still a few hundred meters back. Often when trucks hit the horn they wait until very close and go full volume. The result is, as my dad would say, ‘I’m going straight to heaven – he scared the hell out of me.’

But not today.

I had time to get as close as possible to the left – OK for 100m, but unsafe for the whole ride. I could give a wave of acknowledgement. He overtook and even gave me the truckies’ thankyou! (Indicate left, right, left again.)

Smooth, safe, perfect.