‘There is no god’: super-condensed

  • Sumo

The point of this post is to try and distil one argument against the existence of God. (I’ll stick to the capital G God for now, since the argument is really about the God of the Bible.)

This is deliberately a short post – hence distil – but this is not to say the topic is simple. What I want is to express the heart of the argument. I want to do this accurately and without caricature. So I would love to have your comments about my success or failure.

After all, it’s easy to be long-winded and complex and explain things poorly.

So here’s one argument against God, in three lines.

    1. God claims: justice and love are victorious
    2. Experience says: justice and love are transient, at best. At worst, they are ridiculous dreams
    3. Therefore: this God is not real

How did I go? Fair? Accurate? Sharp and helpful or bland and yawn-inducing?

Here are two follow-up questions. I have them in mind as tools for allowing theists or atheists to further explain their position.

For the atheist: after this argument, what remains of justice and love, because they only appear to exist through the truth of the first axiom?

For the theist: why should your beliefs override the acknowledged experience of the world?