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Bike for Bibles

On 4-5 November, three Little people (Ruth, Nahum & Chris) joined the Bike for Bibles crew assembled at Bright to ride up some hills.

Bike for Bibles is associated with the Bible Society, and raises funds for Bible distribution and literacy. As I write today, the fund-raising page for the whole team of riders indicates a total of $6624. I certainly am thankful for those who have donated through the Littles, so want to say so publicly. Thank you!

For your interest, here’s a touch of information about the two rides we did (the whole team completed four rides – but we were unavailable for the first two days).

Monday – Omeo to Dinner Plain

We drove over Mount Hotham to Omeo, in order to ride back up the hill. Good idea in theory – until we saw it snowing on Hotham and at Dinner Plain. (Thinks, “Did I bring enough warm clothing?”) We left Omeo with no warm-up and straight into the steep part of the climb. The first 9.5km are the most consistently up, though there is a steepish bit just before the finish at Dinner Plain. This ride, though it had lots of elevation gain, felt less like mountain-climbing and more like a very hilly country ride. We saw not one other cyclist coming up from Omeo

Vertical elevation gain: 1816m according to Garmin Connect, or 1979m according to Strava.

Here’s the Strava ride analysis (note: the ride was to Dinner Plain, but two of us went on to Mt Hotham after a leisurely rest).

Here’s a photo from Dinner Plain.


After riding from Omeo

After riding from Omeo

Bright to Mount Buffalo

On day one I got into my own rhythm, but on this day I stayed at a relatively easy pace at the back of the bunch. I’ve ridden Buffalo a few times, and it’s a beautiful trip. Great views, feels like a real mountain climb. And this long weekend there were dozens of cyclists on the road.

Here’s the Strava record:

And a short video of Ruth, about one third of the way up.