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Quick review, Albury bike path

I know, my ‘quick review’ posts have all been books so far. And now I want to review a bike path?

There are two positive things, and two negative, about the local bike path connecting Albury with Thurgoona. That sounds like a review to me, so here I go.

Positive: the path

The surface is fantastic. Look at the photo below: good concrete, and very wide. (The extra width was added back when the path was opened, making it very easy to share the path with cyclists, pedestrians, skateboard riders, etc.)


Positive: underpasses

Underpasses are great: no need to cross a busy road, and no interruption to walking/running/riding. Most of all, building an underpass shows that the road-builders value non-motorised travel. The photo below shows the Borella Road underpass, looking north.

Negative: double-crossing

For an unknown reason, the good work of avoiding road-crossings was undone in the northern half of the bike path. Why? The example below seems to be for maximum danger – there areĀ two roads to cross, separated by a 10 metre quarter-circle. These two roads are not especially busy, but there is fast through traffic and even some heavy vehicle movement. The worst thing, however, is that these roads come from awkward angles making it hard to scan for danger.

Racecourse Rd, Corrys Rd

Negative: Thurgoona Drive

When the path reaches Thurgoona Drive, pedestrians and cyclists are thrown into the traffic. Thurgoona Drive is a very busy road, and there is no consideration given to keep foot or bike traffic safe. At peak times, morning and evening, someone could be stuck here for ages. Not good, especially since this crossing is close to two schools (Border Christian College, Trinity Anglican School).


Thurgoona Drive ‘crossing’

This last danger spot is hardest to understand. The photo below is only about 50 metres before the crossing shown above: look how the path curves right. It appears possible to go straight ahead and under the rising roadway. All it needed was a corridor like that under Borella Rd.

Embankment straight ahead, a great place for an underpass