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Romans 15:26-27

A (lumbering) translation of Romans 15:26-27

For Macedonia and Achaia were glad to have fellowship with the poor of the Jerusalem saints.
For they were glad and also they are obliged.
For if the nations fellowship in their spiritual matters, they also have obligation to serve them in fleshly matters.

Two quick thoughts, both of which reveal a depth of truth rather than superficial truth.

One: fellowship. Fellowship is spiritual: the nations share/fellowship in the blessings of the Jews. That is, we too can know Christ! But fellowship is also very down to earth, namely money. Spiritual provision and fleshly provision are deeply intertwined.

(By the way, how’s your giving going?)

Two: acts of love. The Christians of Macedonia and Acaia were glad and pleased to give. At the same time they were obligated, and in debt, such that giving was required. Both are true.

(Which motivation do you need to hear today, compassion or command?)

PS I love the way God’s word emphasises things for slow people like me. Two times ‘were glad’, two times ‘fellowship’, two times ‘obliged’.